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  • Mr Muhammad Faidzil Farkhan Bin Abdul Rahman
  • Ms Nur Zawani Binte Mion
  • Mr Lee Kun Da, Daniel
  • Ms Wong Hui Ping, Valerie

Cadet Instructors

  • CLT/LTA Wan Haiqal Bin Wan Zainee
  • CLT/2LTA Wee Xin Rong
  • Associate Member MSG Bevan Lee
  • Associate Member MSG Muhammad Farhan
  • Associate Member MSG Hamizan

CCA Leaders

  • Company Sergeant Major MSG Glaxy Low Xuan Ming
  • Assistant Company Sergeant Major MSG Ong Zhi Jien
  • Assistant Company Sergeant Major SSG Borromeo Sigmund John Caypuno
  • Junior Cadet Platoon Sergeant SSG Tachihara Mikio
  • Senior Cadet SSG Arif Nasrulhaq B Aris Fabilah
  • Cadet Leader Platoon Sergeant SG Liew Chang Qi
  • Senior Cadet Leader Platoon Sergeant SSG Muhammad Farhadi B Malek
  • Assistant Platoon Sergeant SSG Akash Karunanidhi
  • Assistant Platoon Sergeant SSG Azamuddin B Abdul Aziz
  • Assistant Platoon Sergeant SSG Tachihara Mikio
  • Assistant Platoon Sergeant SSG Jerred Tan Shi Song

Key Programmes

  1. Learning Journeys
    • Sec 1 Army Museum Visit
    • Sec 2 Energy Experience Programme@Singapore Powers
    • Sec 3 National Museum Visit: Witness to War - Remembering 1942
  2. One Star Kayaking
  3. Camp Craft & IFC
  4. Basic First Aid Course
  5. Foot Drills and Arms Drills
  6. Orienteering Course
  7. Urban Ops
  8. Unit Mini League
  9. Soccer Clinic
  10. Basic Outdoor Cooking Course
  11. NCC & Soldiering Cooking Course
  12. Route March
  13. Individual Marksmanship Training Shoot
  14. Live Firing Shoot
  15. Nerf Gun Challenge
  16. Fitness Challenge
  17. Camp Forge
  18. Camp Steel
  19. Specialist & Senior Specialist Course
  20. NCO Leadership Camp
  21. Annual Camp
  22. Company VIA Initiatives
    • NCC Versus Marine Trash: Student led VIA (Project Compassion) @ Kranji West Mangrove Reserve



  • National Fitness Challenge: 2nd


  • Best Unit Competition: Gold Award


  • Best Unit Competition: Gold Award
  • National Orienteering Competition: 2nd