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Research Scholars Programme

The Programme’s Philosophy:

Guided by our school’s vision to Learn with Purpose, Serve with Passion and to Lead with Heart, the Research Scholarship Programme is committed in providing our students the opportunity to stretch their intellectual capacity and talents in areas beyond the core curriculum.

Previously known as the STAR scholarship, this unique four-year programme has been established since Nov 2004. With eleven years of experience in developing a curriculum that stretches students’ potential, the school has refined the programme to one that grants our students the freedom to wonder, to explore, to question and to experiment. This freedom of inquiry is guided by the discipline of study and the ethics of research.

The Research scholarship is exclusive to Jurong Secondary School (JSS) because it is fully sponsored by the members of the School Advisory Committee. They are inspiring examples of how one gives back to the community and how one can create meaning and deliver value to others.

We firmly believe that when one is blessed with talents, they should in turn be a blessing to others.

The Outcomes of the JSS Research Scholar:

The programme strives to nurture students who shall be exemplary in the following aspects:

Students of Intellectual Strength who:

  • possess the disposition to think flexibly in dealing with the ambiguities of our world;
  • demonstrate the ability to question critically for effective problem solving;
  • communicate with clarity and precision in qualifying their viewpoints;
  • evaluate the productiveness of their own thinking and strategies.

Students of Resilience who:

  • possess the mental stamina to overcome challenges and adversities;
  • employ a range of alternative strategies for problem solving.

Students of Service who:

  • devote their hearts, minds and talents in ways that enrich the lives of others;
  • show respect for all life and embrace diversity.

The Curriculum:

The Value of Research:

Developing a research culture amongst students is significant to their growth and maturity as it:

  • facilitates learning beyond the classroom & provides a meaningful platform to apply and synthesize knowledge gained from thinking & research;
  • broadens perspectives of students with the constant guidance by teacher-research mentors;
  • raises confidence to communicate projects clearly & effectively;
  • cultivates good team dynamics to equip students with the right attitudes and social skills for the future.

The in-house Research Symposium serves as a platform for all students to share and critique each other’s research projects. The guidelines and criteria for research work adhere closely to that of the A-levels Project Work H1 level subject at the local junior colleges.

The Privileges:

In addition to the rigorous training as a budding researcher, JSS Research Scholars will be given a cash grant to subsidise expenses incurred in the purchase of textbooks, school uniforms and school fees, using the rates for a Singapore citizen as the base. The cash grant varies for different levels according to the academic needs of the cohort.

In addition, the school will also provide full subsidy for scholars’ participation in approved academic competitions and training fees incurred for the year. As part of the terms, the Overseas Immersion Programme in Year 3 will be heavily subsidised by the school with co-payment by the scholar via their Edusave accounts.

Continued enrolment in the programme and disbursement of the terms will be renewed annually. It is subjected to satisfactory performance and academic results of each scholar. Should the scholar’s performance or conduct not be satisfactory, the school reserves the right to withdraw the scholar from the programme or suspend the terms at any time.


Secondary One students with a keen interest in research and a PSLE T-score of 240 and above or who achieve a level ranking of top 10% at the end of the school’s mid-year examinations will be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Selection is based on a panel interview to assess the child’s mind-set towards research, his/her passion to serve and the ability to cope with additional demands of the RSP curriculum. The selection exercise will commence at the end of Term 2, 2016.