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Direct School Admission (SEC) Exercise 2017

Direct School Admission

For Basketball Boys and Girls and Volleyball Girls

Jurong Secondary School (JSS) invites applications from current Primary Six students with outstanding sporting abilities in Basketball (Boys and Girls) and Volleyball (Girls only) to participate in the 2017 Direct School Admission Exercise, for admission to our school at Secondary One in 2018.

More information on MOE’s Press Release on the DSA-Sec Exercise 2017 here (hyperlink - )

JSS as a Sporting Powerhouse in the West

Chua Qi Wei

In JSS, we believe in developing our students’ talents and nurturing them to be responsible and lifelong learners. Sports and games plays a central role in equipping our students with values that are crucial in their development as leaders and contributing members of the society in future. In addition to our core values of Loyalty, Industry, Sincerity and Love, participation in sports also inculcates important values including discipline, team spirit and fair play in our students.

In the sporting arena, our sportsmen and sportswomen have achieved no less than 100 national titles over the school’s 53 years of history. For the achievements made, JSS is widely known as the ‘Sporting Powerhouse in the West’.

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Our JSS Sports Excellence Programme

To support the holistic development of our sportsmen and sportswomen, our Sports Excellence Programme ensures that the rigorous sports training programme is complemented by opportunities for character and leadership development, and strong support to help our sportsmen and sportswomen achieve academic excellence. Supported by a team of dedicated and qualified coaches, teachers and members of our Alumni Association, two of the key features of our Sports Excellence Programme are

Sports Class

Students in out Sports Class benefit from a customised timetable designed to ensure optimal development in the technical and tactical aspects of the game, and fitness level, while furthering academic performance at the same time.

Sports Scholarship

Sponsored by our School Advisory Committee, our JSS Sports Scholarship seeks to recognise and motivate students with talent in Basketball or Volleyball to pursue their passion and grow their proficiency in these games.

The scholarship supports the recipient up to a maximum of 4/5 years of study in Jurong Secondary School depending on the course of study. A cash grant is given to students annually to subsidise expenses incurred in purchase of textbooks and school fees, using the rates for a Singapore citizen as the base, and other expenses that would support them in their pursuit of the game. In addition to the cash grant, the school provides full subsidy for these students’ participation in approved competitions and training fees incurred as part of the terms of the scholarship.

Admission Criteria

Students who are interested to apply for admission to JSS under the Direct School Admission Exercise must fulfil the following criteria:-

Category A – Applicants attending Government/Government Aided Primary Schools in 2017

Citizens, Permanent Residents and International students who are currently studying in local national schools

Age Requirement for Secondary One admission in 2018:

· Born in year 2004 or 2005

Academic Criteria*:

· Must obtain a pass in English

· Must obtain passes in all subjects in their Primary School P6 mid-year examinations.

*Applicants are to submit their Results Slip for – Primary 5 (Mid Year & End of Year Examinations) and

- Primary 6 (Mid Year Examination)

**Applicants who excel in the Sports Selection Trials but do not meet the Academic Criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Sports Selection Criteria

· Proficiency in Basketball/ Volleyball (Girls), assessed through the Selection Trials

Category B – Applicants who are not attending Government or Government Aided Primary Schools in 2017*

Citizens, Permanent Residents and International students who are currently not studying in Government or Government Aided Primary Schools.

Age Requirement for Secondary One admission in 2018:

· Born in year 2004 or 2005

Academic Criteria:
• Must take a Jurong Secondary School Entrance Test, and score passes in all 3 subjects (English, Mathematics and Science)

• International Students are to take part in the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) if they wish to be admitted to mainstream public schools.

Sports Selection Criteria

· Proficiency in Basketball/ Volleyball (Girls), assessed through the Selection Trials

* Candidates and Returning Singaporeans who are not currently studying in MOE schools must obtain a registration number from MOE Customer Service from 8 May to 31 August 2017 .

Application Procedure and Timeline

The DSA-Sec procedure and time line is as follows:



Important Points to Note


8 May 2017 to 31 August 2017

Interested Primary 6 students to download and submit the Application Form anytime within this period.


To be announced

Applicants would be informed of the dates of the Basketball or Volleyball trials.


By 31 August 2017

All applicants will be notified of the outcome.

If you wish to submit the DSA application online, please click here ( 

If you wish to print out a copy of the application form for submission, please click below:

DSA_Appln_Form 2017.pdf

All application forms and relevant supporting documents are to be submitted via email, post, facsimile or hand-delivered to:

Jurong Secondary School
31 Yuan Ching Road
Singapore 618652
Re : DSA Application
Attention : Ms Amalina

For any further clarifications or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our SH PE who is in charge of DSA Applications, Ms Ong Wei Chen.

Facsimile : 6268 6414
Telephone No : 6265 5980
Email Address :