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JSS Alumni Association


Aims and Objectives

  • To forge school ties and community involvement between Jurong Secondary School and her former pupils;
  • To provide members with the opportunity of helping to develop the school for the benefit of their children;
  • To encourage the spirit of volunteerism among members and,as a fraternity, for members to offer and provide expertise and resources

Executive Committee Members (July 2014 - June 2016)


Mr Ang Mong Seng, BBM

Honorary Advisor

Mr Ong Poh Hin

Mr Tan Teck Yoke, PBM

Honorary Chairperson

Mr Wong Sing Lam

Mdm Tan Irene

Mr Ng Chor Tan, PBM

Ms Samantha Chia

Mdm Wang Lai Poh

Mr Quek Hong Peng

Chairperson Vice Chairperson
Mr Chua King Wah Mr Peh Eng Hup
Mr Ng Seng Tho
Mr Ang Jit Chuang, PBM
Treasurer Assistant Treasurer
Mdm Tan Seow Choo Mr Kok Shaw Terk
Secretary Assistant Secretary
Mr Chua Yew Gee Roland Miss Roxanne Choy
Social & Sports Secretary Assistant Social & Sport Secretary
Mr Vincent Koh Chin Heng Mr Ong Khoon Aun
Public Relations Secretary Assistant Public Relations Secretary
Mr Alfie Yang Ms Quek Jing Ping Jermaine
Mdm Ang Chor Hiok Miss Lim Xinyi
Miss Ong Ying Xuan Mdm Peh Pek Lian
Miss Tan Chai Luan Mdm Tan Siau Hoon
Miss Tan Rong Ying

Auditor: Ms Annie Reis Bek

Ordinary membership is open to all who are graduates of the school, provided that the person is not currently attending Secondary Schools, Centralised Institutes or Junior Colleges.All Ordinary Members above 18 years of age shall have the rights to vote and to hold office in the Alumni.

Types of Membership

Life membership may be conferred on any Ordinary Member upon the payment of a one-time subscription fee as decided and prescribed by the Committee from time to time.Life Members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of an Ordinary Member, including the rights to vote and to hold office in the Alumni.

Honorary Membership may be conferred by the Alumni on such persons distinguished by service to the school as the Committee may be in any case considered appropriate.Honorary Members shall have no rights to vote or hold office in the Alumni.

Associate Membership may be conferred by the Alumni, upon application, on school staff, parents of all former students (alumni) and on such persons who, in the opinion of the Committee, are related to the school and / or would contribute to the furtherance of the objectives of the Alumni.Associate Members shall have no rights to vote and to hold office in the Alumni.

Joining the Alumni

To join the Alumni, please complete the application form and submit it to the Secretary.

The Committee reserves all rights to approve or reject the applications.

Application forms may be returned to the following address upon completion:

Jurong Secondary School Alumni Association

c/o Jurong Secondary School

31 Yuan Ching Road

Singapore 618652

Attn: Mr Ng Chor Tan

JSS Alumni Facebook Link