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School Welfare Committee

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Jurong’s uniqueness also lies in the strong bond that is prevalent among its staff.

Objectives of SWC

  1. To serve as a bridge between the staff and the management.
  2. To facilitate the staff in meeting the demands of their job.
  3. To organize activities to enhance staff interaction and morale.

Organization Structure for 2018

Commitee Members

  • Ms Siti Daliah Amat 
  • Ms Vijayaletchumi Karupaiya
  • Mdm Norlinda Omar
  • Mr Riduwan K
  • Ms Kasturi Bai 
  • Mdm Lee Wai Yee
  • Ms Aida Mardianah
  • Ms Roziana
  • Ms Scholastica Wong

To further strengthen this cohesion, these are the activities that we conduct:

  • Chinese New Year Reunion Lunch
  • MOE Staff On-Site HPB Health Check
  • Family Day
  • Staff Community Involvement Project
  • Teachers’ Day Dinner
  • Appreciation Lunch
  • Staff Bonding Games at EOY Staff Seminar