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Applied Studies

HOD Applied Studies

Mrs Juliana Ng

SH Applied Studies

Mr Lam Chee Leong

Computer Application Teachers

Mr Chen Yu Gin

Lam Chee Leong

Design & Technology Teachers


Mr Alex Chew Khee Lim

Mdm Hamidah Hamim

Mr Ng Choon Hui Vincent

Mr Lim Kwee Hock (Flexi Adjunct)

Element of Business Skills Teachers


Mr Chen Yu Gin
 Mr neo Guo Wei Tony

Nutrition & Food Science Teachers


Ms Norliyana Bte Matin
Ms Julie
Ms Shuryani Abdul
 Music Teachers  Ms Cindy
Mdm Kalaivanni Somasundram
 Art Teachers  Ms Angela
Ms Mardiana

Workshop Instructors

Mdm Teh Ah Moi

Mr Zulkifle Mohd Yassin

Learning Approach

The curricula are designed to nurture our students with 21st century competencies.  All the subjects in the department are coursework-based and students are required to be critical and inventive in their thinking to produce innovative and realistic solutions for their coursework tasks.  The lessons are designed to engage our students through experiential learning to construct their knowledge.

There are 6 subjects in Applied Studies Department, namely:

  • Art
  • Computer Applications
  • Design and Technology
  • Element of Business Skills
  • Food and Consumer Education / Food and Nutrition / Food Studies
  • Music

Special Programmes

Lower Secondary
  • Sec 1 Art enrichment programme at Singapore ArtScience Museum.
  • Sec 2 DT Design enrichment programme.
  • Sec 2 Art enrichment programme at National Gallery Singapore.
Upper Secondary
  • Sec 3, 4 and 5 Culinary Skills enrichment programme.
  • Sec 3, 4 and 5 Design enrichment programme 'Artefact for the Future'
  • Sec 3 and 4 Art enrichment at ArtScience Museum and National Gallery Singapore.
School wide STEAM week programme