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English Language

HOD English

Mrs Farhain Aidil

English Teachers

Mr Bakhtiar Borhan Said

Mr Kesavan Veerappen

Mr Lam Chee Leong

Mr Mahathir Aziz

Ms Phua Shih Wen

Mrs Norlinda Omar

Ms Vijayaletchumi Karupaiya

Mdm Wang Cuifeng

Ms Wong Mei Ling Evon

Mr Yang Zhenwen Alfie

Ms Zhang Minting Michelle

Ms Mardiana Roslan

 Ms Goh Eng Jue
 Mrs Pasupathy
 Mr Mark Lee

Mr Cavell Chee

Ms Catherine Tay

Mr Darius Sim

English Literature Teachers                                                          

Mrs Farhain Aidil

 Mrs Norlinda Omar
 Ms Phua Shih Wen
 Mr Darius Sim

Mr Cavell Chee

Ms Michelle Tan

Key Focus

“Engaging and Empowering English Language Learners” The EL Department aims to instill in our students the competence and confidence in language skills that are required not only for academic excellence but also beyond the scope of the classroom and school. Through the use of creative and engaging means in language teaching, we aim to help our students develop the 21st century skills especially effective communication and critical thinking skills. Authentic modes like Newscasting, podcasting, blogging, role play and creative drama techniques, will help to develop not only our students’ creativity and innovation but also their language and communication skills. “Together we learn” Professional development is also one of our key focus. Teachers in the department are constantly upgrading their pedagogical skills and knowledge through training courses, mentorship programmes, sharing sessions and professional meetings. The English Language and Literature Department in Jurong Secondary School (JSS) has been actively providing opportunities for our students to compete in various competitions.