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English Language

HOD English

Mrs Farhain Aidil

English Language Teachers

Mr Bakhtiar Borhan Said

Mr Kesavan Veerappen

Mr Lam Chee Leong

Mr Mahathir Aziz

Ms Phua Shih Wen

Mrs Norlinda Omar

Ms Vijayaletchumi Karupaiya

Mdm Wang Cuifeng

Ms Hannah Wen

Mr Yang Zhenwen Alfie

Ms Zhang Minting Michelle

Ms Mardiana Roslan

Ms Goh Eng Jue

Mrs Pasupathy

Mr Mark Lee

Ms Sutha Rajasekaran

Mdm Kalaivanni DO Somasundram

Mdm Maria Chung Su-Yin

Mr Darius Sim

Mr Brandon Chai

  English Literature Teachers
 Mrs Farhain
 Mrs Norlinda
 Ms Phua Shih
 Mr Darius
 Mr Brandon

Key Focus

The EL Department is committed to the philosophy that students of JSS will be imbued with language confidence and developed in communicative competence that are required not only for academic excellence, but also beyond the scope of the classroom and school. Through the use of creative and engaging means in language teaching, we aim to help our students develop the 21st century skills, especially communication and critical thinking skills. Authentic modes like photojournalism, debates, video projects and creative drama techniques, will help to not only develop our students’ creativity and innovation, but also their language and communicative skills. 

Our Learning Approach

Our English Language Department uses the communicative approach to language learning, which encourages students to learn the language through its actual use to communicate real meaning during an interaction. Guided by this principle, our EL lessons serve as a platform for learner-centred, authentic learning to take place. It is through this interactive learning that communicative competence is developed, resulting in more confident EL speakers and learners. 


Sec 1

The Thespian

Sec 2

The Debater

Sec 3, 4, 5

The Orator

Learning Goals

Students will be able to:

  • Converse with general clarity using pronunciation/ stress/ intonation patterns which allow for overall intelligibility.         
  • Recognise their own  verbal mistakes and correct them.
  • Imagine innovative, artistic responses to circumstances and ideas—and use different techniques to solve problems. They will show the confidence to take intellectual and creative risks, accepting failure as part of the creative process.

Students will be able to:

  • Articulate, in conversation and oral presentations,    clearly organized ideas and supporting evidence using vocabulary appropriate to the target audience.
  • Critically think and reflect to enable them to interpret and evaluate information from multiple perspectives—and to analyse, judge, define, question, organise, and prioritise information.

Students will be able to:

  • Give a standard oral presentation confidently which informs and/or persuades the audience.
  • Integrate material from outside sources logically and gracefully into an oral presentation
  • Collaborate and communicate to foster positive interdependence and individual accountability. Both are rooted in the ability to listen actively and express oneself clearly, with intention in spoken, written, non-verbal, visual, and performative domains. 

Our Department’s Special Programmes:

  • Secondary 1 Drama Enrichment Programme
  • Secondary 2 Debate Enrichment Programme
  • Secondary 3 Public Speaking Programme
  • Speak Good English Movement