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HOD Mathematics Mr Ooi Wei Yong
SH Mathematics Mdm Zheng Jie Yun
Senior Teacher / Mathematics Mdm Teo Kah Ping
Mathematics Teachers Mr Woon Ta Chuang
Ms Simranjit Kaur
Ms Cindy Wong
Mr Eugene Wong
Ms Jennifer Low
Mr Kenny Hong Anliang
Mdm Low Eng Ngee
Mr Sim Sze Wai
Mr Mohd Faydzully
Ms Joyner Tay Kai Ling
Ms Lee Sin Yi
 Mdm Wu Dan Amy
 Mr Neo Kok Hwee
Ms Nurul Nadia
Ms Ang Li Jun
Ms Aida Mardianah Kinam

Learning Approach

  • To promote and create a pupil-centred teaching and learning environment in the curriculum
  • To create the opportunity for pupils to see relevance in learning Math through authentic learning.
  • To promote the interest of pupils in Math through enrichment programmes
  • To stretch the potential of pupils highly motivated in Math through external competitions such as Singapore Mathematical Olympiads and Australian Mathematics Competitions.
  • To enhance staff development and to up-grade skills and knowledge of teachers through courses and mentorship.

Special Programmes

  • Additional Mathematics for most Secondary 3 Express pupils.
  • Differentiated remedial programmes for pupils with varied ability.
  • Algebra foundation course for all Secondary 2 Exp/NA pupils.
  • ā€œOā€ level Elementary Mathematics and ā€œNā€ level Additional Mathematics for secondary 3 N(A) pupils
  • Structured Enrichment Programmes for selected pupils
  • Peer coaching and mentorship for all new teachers.
  • Common tests for all classes.
  • Structured training in preparation of Olympiad and other Math competitions.