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Mother Tongue Languages

HOD Mother Tongue Languages

Ms Ng Ching Ing

SH Chinese Language

Mdm Oh Sze Wee Zoey

ST Malay Language

Mdm Siti Daliah Bte Amat

Chinese Language

Mdm Soo Lee Fong

Mdm Lee Wai Yee

Mdm Wang Hai Jing

Ms Roxanne Choy

Ms Chua Syin Thian

Ms Yaw Lee Cheng

Malay Language

Ms Siti Hawa

Ms Nur Zukhairiah Hamdan

Ms Bazilah Baderi

Ms Nur Zawani Bte Mion

Tamil Language

Mrs Joseph Savethiri

Mdm Sudha Krishnamurthy

Mdm Chandraleka


To ensure our students have a competitive edge in Mother Tongue Language to participate in the fast-changing globalizing world while remaining rooted in our heritage and culture.


  • To attain a high standard of Mother Tongue Language proficiency
  • To develop in students an understanding of as well as an appreciation of our Asian culture and traditional value

Key Programmes

  •  Reading Programme
Objective of the reading programme is to promote reading culture and reading habits in students and to improve students’ vocabulary and reading skills.

Students will read newspaper articles (all three languages) on a bi-weekly basis. Assignments or discussion on topic will be designed for the students to complete after reading.    

Sec 1 to Sec 3 CL students will read two books during term holidays and complete reading worksheets as holiday assignment.

  • Author-in-residence Programme
Selected Sec 2 CL students will participate in this programme where students will receive guidance in their writing from our local Chinese author. Students’ work will be included in our department’s publication 《园景》.
  • Conversational Chinese and Conversational Malay Programmes
All Sec 1 students will participate in this programme, Conversational Chinese Programme for non-Chinese students, and Conversational Malay Programme for Chinese students.

  • Cultural Exposure programme
Students has opportunities to learn more about own culture through activities such as Mother Tongue Fortnight events, Leaning Journeys, attending Drama performance, etc.  
  • Overseas Immersion Programme
Selected Sec 2 CL students will attend one week immersion programme in Tianjin and Beijing, China in November, to enhance cultural awareness of students through an exchange programme with students from Tianjin First Middle School.