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HOD Sciences Mr Eric Tan
HOD Character & Citizenship Education Mr Stanley Tan
Year HeadMs Lim Yan Mui
HOD ICTMr Gabriel Cheong
SH Science Mr Traven Loh
SH ResearchMs Andrea Tok
Senior Teacher – NT Curriculum & Pastoral Care Mr Lim Kok Meng
Senior Teacher – Chemistry Ms Julianah Johar
Science Teachers Mr Syed Imran Jamaludin
Mr Ng Teck Koon
Ms Rachel Lim
Ms Clarice Teoh
Mr Riduwan Ahmad
Mr Eugene Wong
Mr Koo Chee Kiong
Ms Simranjit Kaur
Ms Valerie Wong
Mr Kenny Hong Anliang
Ms Melissa Lim Min Li
Mr Daniel Lee
 Mr Yap Chin Hua
Ms Julie Chua
Ms Nurul Nadia


Learning Approach

The JSS Science teacher places inquiry at the heart of learning. It is the central approach for teaching science in our classrooms. The curriculum includes both learning about the methods of scientific inquiry and the knowledge derived from those processes. The learning goals that teachers strive to attain as a result of lesson experiences are as follows:

  • cultivating interest in learning science
  • enhancing mastery of subject matter
  • developing scientific reasoning
  • sharpening practical skills
  • understanding the complexity and ambiguity of experimental work
  • cultivating the ability to question critically for effective problem solving
  • developing teamwork abilities

Lower Secondary Science: Learning Through Problems

pbl cycle To cope with changes in the various aspects of life, teachers need to prepare their students with a different set of intelligences to function effectively in the new millennium. The Science teachers have developed a unique Problem-based Learning (PBL) curriculum for all lower secondary students to acquire the vital skill-set in their foundational years. In Science, the ‘problem’ is the start of our learning. It is not easy for students to shift their learning mindsets from one of spoon-feeding to one of inquiry and self-directedness. Hence, the JSS Science teachers have designed a First-two-week programme for all Secondary One students to prepare them for the new way of learning. The programme serves the following objectives:

  • explain what PBL is and communicate the goals, outcomes & expectations of learning through problems;
  • prepare students for the novelty & the frustrations they may face when working in teams and solving problems;
  • teach students useful strategies on how to be an effective team player, how to manage their teams, regulate their own behaviour and be accountable for their performances;
  • help students cultivate a questioning attitude so as to retain the child-like curiosity that is a fundamental trait which allows students to push their limits to seek new knowledge;
  • provide opportunities to help students appreciate the importance of using their knowledge to give back to the larger community in hope to nurture a humanitarian approach to life rather than one of self-centeredness.

Key Programmes

Programme Time frame Levels
Science Problem-based Curriculum SemestersI & II Lower Secondary
Science @ Jurong Lake Park (inter-disciplinary community field-based studies programme) Semester II Secondary One
JSS Annual Science WeekInter-class Science QuizScience TrailFormula J RaceWhat’s My Element – Poster design competition Cool Science Buskers Term I Week 5 All levelsSecondary OneSecondary TwoSecondary Three Secondary Four & Five
Cluster Science Enrichment Day Term I (Term break) Lower Secondary
Learning Journey to Jurong Island Term I Secondary Four & Five