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HOD Science Mr Eric Tan
HOD Character & Citizenship Education Mr Stanley Tan
Year HeadMs Lim Yan Mui
School Staff Developer /covering HOD ICTMr Gabriel Cheong
SH Science Mr Traven Loh
SH Professional Development
Ms Andrea Tok
Senior Teacher – Educational Support Mr Lim Kok Meng
Senior Teacher – Chemistry Ms Julianah Johar
Science Teachers Mr Ng Teck Koon
Ms Rachel Lim
Ms Clarice Teoh
Mr Riduwan Ahmad
Mr Eugene Wong
Mr Koo Chee Kiong
Ms Simranjit Kaur
Ms Valerie Wong
Mr Kenny Hong Anliang
 Mr Yap Chin Hua
Ms Julie Chua
Ms Nurul Nadia

Learning Approach

The JSS Science teacher places inquiry at the heart of learning. It is the central approach for teaching science in our classrooms. The curriculum includes both learning about the methods of scientific inquiry and the knowledge derived from those processes. 

The learning goals that teachers strive to attain as a result of lesson experiences are as follows:

  • cultivating interest in learning science
  • enhancing mastery of subject matter
  • developing scientific reasoning
  • sharpening practical skills
  • understanding the complexity and ambiguity of experimental work
  • cultivating the ability to question critically for effective problem solving
  • developing teamwork abilities

Lower Secondary Science: Learning Through Collaborative Investigation

In preparing our students for a VUCA world, the lower secondary science curriculum at JSS seeks to develop in students a curious mind and to constantly wonder about the physical and natural world. Part of the curriculum involves students actively engaged in the learning of science through collaborative science investigative tasks and learning about how science is relevant to their daily lives.

Some of the features of the JSS Lower Secondary Science course include:

  • the use of demonstrations and inquiry-focused lesson materials to increase student engagement in the classroom;
  • investigative skills focusing on experimental planning;
  • collection and analysis of scientific data related to real world scenarios to make logical and justifiable conclusions.

Key Programmes

Programme Time frame Levels
Investigation and Project Based CurriculumCurriculum DependentLower Secondary
JSS Annual STEM WeekTerm III All Levels
Enrichment ProgrammesEnrichment dependent All Levels
Science CompetitionsCompetition dependent Secondary Two & Three