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Character and Citizenship Education


Mr Stanley Tan Chin Kwan

Year Head (Lower Sec)

Ms Hannah Wen Cuiyan

Year Head (Upper Sec)

Ms Lim Yan Mui

Assistant Year Head (Sec 2)

Mr Mohd Faydzully

Assistant Year Head (Sec 3)

Ms Chua Syin Thian

Assistant Year Head (Sec 4)

Ms Norliyana Matin

SH/Student Management

Ms Phua Shih Wen

SH/Student Leadership

Mr Yap Chin Hua

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Our Direction

The purpose of JSS CCE programme is to nurture in all our students the “Champion Mindset” so as to bring out the best in each of our students. The school aims to nurture quality students with outstanding character, steeped in values and possess a heart for the school and society.

Our Framework

JSS CCE Framework illustrates how the 8 enablers of Lifeskills Education, Career Guidance, Citizenship Education, CCA, Student Leadership, VIA, Behavioural Management and Pupil Welfare work together to achieve the JSS desired student goals of scholars and champions.


A. Desired Outcomes as “Axis”

Character development of our students must be underpinned by the school values of Loyalty, Industry, Sincerity and Love. Values define a person’s character. They shape the beliefs, attitudes and actions of a person, and therefore form the fundamentals of the JSS CD framework.

A student who sets the school values as their foundations of their character would display the desired student outcomes of a scholar, a champion and a talent in line with our school mission and vision.

B. Enablers as “Gears”

The middle ring consists of the eight gears that represent the enablers, which consists of learning opportunities and platforms for students to express their learning. The eight gears works in unison in a jointed effort, representing our shared purpose to maximize the potential of our students

C. Learning Approach as “TYRE”

Learning Approach The learning is made relevant and engaging through the adoption of the 4E developmental approach (Excite, Educate, Empower and Evaluate) as an iterative learning loop to provides a common platform for the 8 enablers to translate knowledge into practices and life habits more effectively.

Our Learning Approach

The JSS 4E developmental approach of “Excite, Educate, Empower, Evaluate” is the sets the direction for the implementation of an integrated approach to CD in accordance to Lickona’s Framework for developing good character

Adopted Model JSS Developmental Approaches Descriptions
Lickona’s Framework for developing good character Moral Feeling Excite “Spark” to engage and motivate the learner
Moral Knowing Educate Opportunities to allow the learner to grasp theories and skills
Moral Action Empower Experiential learning through action
Assessment as Learning and Assessment for Learning Evaluate Assessment as Learning: Predetermined standards of performance for students to set their own personal goals and advocate for their own learning
Assessment for Learning:Teachers giving feedbacks to students throughout the learning process to emphasis strengths, identify challenges and improvements