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Environment Club


  • Mrs Pasupathy 
  • Mr Kannangara Don Marcus
  • Mdm Lee Wai Yee

CCA Leaders

  • President: Shavonne Lim Jing Ning
  • Vice-President: Amelia Tham Chui May

Key Programmes

  1. 3R Recycle Drive
    • To impart the knowledge on sustainability amongst the students.
  2. H3ROES Camp
    • To learn how to lead a VIA and the importance of conserving the environment.  Students used these skills to assist in the Sec 2 level VIA.
    • Partners: VIA Com, Ground-Up, Initiative, WOW Kampung
  3. Mozzie Wipe-Out
    • To spread the message on the danger of the dengue fever and how to reduce the spread of dengue mosquitoes to the residents in Taman Jurong neighbourhood.
    • Partner: NEA
  4. VIA to My First Skool Kindergarten
    • Teaching the young children about conserving the Earth through games and activities.
    • Partner: My First Skool (Kang Ching Centre)
  5. South West Clean & Green Carnival
    • Environmental Workshop on teaching participants how to make their own fertilizer through DIY Food Compost.
    • Partner: SWCDC and NEA


  • School's Green Award: Kposia Award
  • BCA Green Building Certification: Gold Award


  • Orchid Award in the SEC-Starhub School Green Awards (SGA)


  • Green Award at zonal Level (SWCDC) 2016