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Student Council

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Jurong Secondary School 2017
Student Council


  • Mr Gabriel Cheong (I/C)
  • Mr Yap Chin Hua
  • Ms Michelle Tan
  • Ms Calista Fang

Student Council Leaders

  • President: Chloe Ng

  • Vice-President: Nur Ikshana Bte Syed Kassim
  • Vice-President: Tan Yu Wen Kimberly
  • Discipline Committee (EXCO): Law Jia Xuan
  • Espirit De Corp Committee (EDCC)(EXCO): Chan Rae
  • Events Management Committee (EXCO): Peck Cheryl
  • Voices of the Students (VOTS)(EXCO): Nur Ernissha Bte Jumahat
  • Senior Associate: Cheng Josiah
  • Senior Associate: Deenadayalan Amirthaa
  • Senior Associate: Chua Kai Jie Jackal
  • Senior Associate: Lau Yi Xuan
  • Senior Associate: Low Qin Ying
  • Senior Associate: Loh Jia Xuan
  • Senior Associate: Teo Jia Sian
  • Senior Associate: Wong Shao Wei
  • Senior Associate: Min Thu Hlaing
  • Senior Associate: Abdur Rauf B Muhammad
  • Senior Associate: Viswanathan Sai Varshini


The Student Council undergoes intensive in-house and external leadership training programmes to prepare them to take on leadership roles in the school. Senior councillors will go on to plan and run training programmes and camps for junior councillors and other student leaders from the class committees and CCAs. One key event is the Student Leaders’ Camp in June which involves all outgoing and incoming CCA leaders and the student councillors. The Student Council also plays an important role in supporting new Secondary One students by planning the Orientation programme and Secondary One Camp. The organization was also instrumental in the implementation of various school-wide student-centred programmes such as the Class of the Year Award, Jurong Got Talent intra-school competition which contributed to a more vibrant student life in the school. The Student Council consults and engages the student population on various platforms, one of which is the EUREKA student suggestion scheme which ushered in a greater level of student ownership in decision making with regards to school programmes and facilities. The Student Council also provides a wide range of support services which include ushering, emceeing as well as equipment loaning services to the student population.

Key Programmes

Training Programmes

Youth Leadership Academy Camp Student Leaders’ Camp Student Councillors Induction Camp Kouzes and Posner’s The Leadership Challenge Workshop (For Sec 3 councillors)

Organized and supported the following events:

Leaders’ Commencement Day Teachers’ Day Celebrations Secondary 1 Orientation Programme and Camp Graduation Dinner JSS Open House Jurong Got Talent Competition Class of the Year Award EUREKA Student Suggestion Scheme

The Student Council Oath:

We, the Student Councillors of Jurong Secondary School do solemnly pledge to carry out our responsibility with discipline to the best of our abilities for the interest of the school and the welfare of our students. We will perform our duties with faith and belief in ourselves, with courage to uphold justice and fair play, with trust in one another, with loyalty to the school.