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Direct School Admission - Science Communications & Research

For students who are passionate about looking at the world through the lens of a Scientist

Jurong Secondary School (JSS) invites applications from current Primary Six students who are passionate about deepening their knowledge and strengthening their passion in science to participate in the 2020 Direct School Admission Exercise, for admission to our school at Secondary One in 2021.

JSS Science Communication & Research (SCoRE) Programme

Students on our SCoRE programme will embark on a stimulating learning journey where they will channel their curiosity about natural phenomena in the world towards finding meaningful and ethical solutions through scientific inquiry and analysis. By collaborating with others to creatively engage with authentic issues, they will further gain confidence in communicating how science helps them and others make sense of the ever-changing world.

Research Programme

Students admitted into the school via DSA-SCoRE can look forward to participating in different research opportunities. The overseas immersion trip is one of the highlights of the SCoRE programme. It is a platform to equip and strengthen our students’ civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills through interactions with foreign students and research institutions on trends in scientific discoveries and research.

Science Mentorship Projects

Students who are passionate about scientific research can look forward to engaging in inquiry projects for areas that they are interested in under the guidance of a teacher or industry-mentor, which could range from topics such as aquaponics and aquatic habitats, and the chemistry of happiness and positivity.