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Direct School Admission - Sports

For Badminton (Boys only), Basketball (Boys and Girls), Cross Country (Boys and Girls) and Volleyball (Girls only) 

Jurong Secondary School (JSS) invites applications from current Primary Six students with outstanding sporting abilities in Basketball (Boys and Girls), Volleyball (Girls only), Badminton (Boys only) & Cross Country (Boys and Girls) to participate in the 2020 Direct School Admission Exercise, for admission to our school at Secondary One in 2021.

JSS as a Sporting Powerhouse in the West

In JSS, sports and games play a central role in equipping our students with values that are crucial in their development as leaders and contributing members of the society in future. It also inculcates important values including discipline, team spirit and fair play in our students.   

In the sporting arena, our sportsmen and sportswomen have achieved no less than 100 national titles over the school’s 57 years of history. For the achievements made, JSS is widely known as the ‘Sporting Powerhouse in the West’.

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JSS Sports Excellence Programme

Supported by a team of dedicated and qualified coaches, teachers and members of our Alumni Association, three of the key features of our Sports Excellence Programme are: 

Sports Master Classes

  • in areas including youth coaching and umpiring, sports psychology and principles of training by the relevant National Sports Associations and National Youth Sports Institute to acquire values and skills in and beyond the games.

Sports Scholarship

  • Sponsored by our School Advisory Committee, our JSS Sports Scholarship seeks to recognise and motivate students with talent in Basketball or Volleyball to pursue their passion and grow their proficiency.
  • Supports the recipient up to a maximum of 4/5 years of study in Jurong Secondary School depending on the course of study. 
  • A cash grant is given to students annually to subsidise expenses incurred in the purchase of textbooks and school fees as well as subsidise other expenses to support them in their pursuit of the game. 
  • JSS also provides full subsidy for these students’ participation in approved competitions and training fees incurred.