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Applied Learning Programme

Environmental Studies: A multi-disciplinary approach towards the understanding of sustainable urban living.


Why Environmental Studies?

As a small island state, Singapore must monitor trends in the global landscape, anticipate challenges and plan ahead to ensure its future sustainability. One of the key challenges facing the world today, hence, Singapore, is environmental sustainability.

Environmental Studies focuses on the interdisciplinary connections and interactions between environmental and social systems. It requires for our students to think critically about environmental issues and actively participate in experiences where they can apply their knowledge, including serving our community with the knowledge and skills necessary to work towards environmental change.


The JSS Student who experiences the Environmental Studies will be:

What is Environmental Studies experience like?


The Environmental Studies ALP is a programme that progressively raises the awareness and hones our students’ knowledge and skills in the area of environmental studies while leveraging related and relevant knowledge and skills in the Lower Secondary Science and Geography syllabuses. All lower secondary students will go through bi-weekly lessons designed by the school’s dedicated ALP committee with the aim of providing a learning experience that is authentic and activity-based.

For students who are passionate about environmental studies can opt to pursue specialised mini projects delving deeper into challenges and ways to manage real-world environmental issues, tapping on knowledge provided by mentors versed in the areas of Engineering, Life Sciences, Urban Design and Environment or Geo-spatial technologies. This programme is an annual camp where students from S1 to 3 will experience a learning opportunity filled with field trips, workshops and project work related to green planning, landscape and infrastructure, and green technologies and energy management. Seed funding will be provided to students to pursue other related environmental projects thereafter. 


What are some of the key programmes of the Environmental Studies ALP?