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Inspiring Student Passion in Recreational Endeavours

InSPire, introduced in January 2015, seeks to cater to the diversified needs of the JSS student in areas beyond the traditional school curriculum.  With ECG components, it offers all JSS students an opportunity to explore and discover their areas of interest while continuing to provide support for students interested or passionate in their interest/ talents. It offers all JSS students a glimpse of what they can achieve with passion, which might also have possible bearings on their post-secondary and career options in future. 

The InSPire Programme considers emerging trends in the industry and offers opportunities that broaden students’ knowledge in three broad clusters; Aesthetic & Culture, Science & Technology and Media & Info-technology. It encourages the pursuit of special interests and talents by providing meaningful and useful modules for their future career aspiration and support them to develop specific interest/ talent in the three broad clusters.

Within each cluster are modules that students can opt or sign up for, subject to student request and resource availability.

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