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Learning for Life Programme

What is LLP?

The Learning for Life programme will provide students with real-life experiential learning to develop their character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, self expression and strengthen their people skills. This will be an integral aspect and a distinctive signature approach of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE). The intent is to instill in our students a sense of rootedness and responsibility for their community and fellow Singaporeans. Areas can include, among others, outdoor adventure learning, sports, student leadership development, uniformed groups, performing and visual arts.


Our LLP vision is guided by our belief that sports, when presented and organised meaningfully, will yield three benefits, i.e. to positively impact the physical, psychological and social well being of a teenager. Through participation in sports, our students not only build up their physical fitness but acquire strong character and desired values.

Our Framework

JSS’ Sporty at Heart, Sporting in Mind programme adopts a 3-tiered approach of (1) Know, (2) Do and (3) Excel, which is applied across different levels of participation (from mass participation to participation by the talented or passionate). It emphasizes value acquisition and transference of such values into the way we live and work.

Value and Impact

Through active participation in sports at the three levels (know, do and excel), through competitive and non-competitive platforms, our LLP seeks to support the building of core values, as articulated in the desired outcomes.


A community where all staff and students embrace sports as part of their lifestyle and collectively build a culture where sports serve a dual purpose of promoting healthy lifestyle and inculcating values.

Desired Outcomes

School Values

Olympic Values

Desired Outcomes






A JSS student:

- exhibits the ability to withstand and overcome challenges and obstacles

- has the tenacity to strive and excel in all endeavours


- (Baseline) learn a variety of games and games concepts.

- (Talented) demonstrates basic game skills and Fundamentals of a Sportsman



Care for self and others



A JSS student

- demonstrates sportsmanship

- acts according to one’s moral compass

- is intrinsically motivated in all their involvements and commitments


- (Baseline) able to learn a variety of games and games concepts focussing more in depth on team.

- (Talented) able to demonstrate Team Dynamics and Development of Sportsmanship



- Class and Grace

- Dignity

- Harmony

A JSS student

- acknowledges others’ values and beliefs(respecting others’ judgement and is understanding of others’ behaviour)


- (Baseline) able to discern right from wrong and one’s behaviour is determined by their personal morals

- (Talented) able to be an Aspiring/Inspiring Sports Leader and Mentor for Self, School and Society

JSS Sporting Roadmap

Level Domain Know (Acquisition of knowledge, skills & values) Acquire knowledge Do (Applying of knowledge, skills & values) Participate Excel (Transference of knowledge, skills & values) Compete Plan & Organise Possible External Partnership
S1 – S5 PE programme

– Acquire knowledge of 2 games per year

- Acquire knowledge on Track & Field event

- Knowledge on Physical and Health education

– Participate in inter-house games

- Participate in inter-class games

- Participate in mass event for Sports Meet (S1 – S2)

- Passing NAPFA/Fitness test

- Participate in external sporting events (Jurong Lake Run)

– CCA leaders equipped with knowledge to organise inter-house and inter-class games

- Compete in individual or team event in Sports Meet

- Participate in the Competitive group in the School Cross Country Meet

– Cluster schools
S1 – S3 CCE – Camp preparation workshop- War Games preparation

– Participate in level camp

- Participate in War Games

- Volunteer in external sporting events (Jurong Lake Run)

– CCA leaders and Student Council involved in planning and running of camps. (Sec 1 and CCA camps)

- Volunteer in the organising of external sporting events (Jurong Lake run)

– Alumni members

- TJCC (Jurong Lake Run)

S1 – S5 CCA (Sports)

– Acquire advance game skills

- Acquire fundamental of sports physiology

- Acquire fundamentals of sports psychology

– Compete in external competitions

- Work with a sports psychologist

- Work with a nutritionist

- Work with a sports physiotherapist

- Participate in a sports motivational workshop

– Compete in National School Games

- Participate in Youth Coaching Workshop

- Participate in Youth Refereeing Workshop

- Participate in Youth Leadership Training

– SSC (Expertise in Sports Psychology, Sports Physiology)

- HPB (Expertise in Nutrition)

- SSC/NSA (Youth Coaching/ Refereeing/ Leadership Scheme)

Level Domain Know (Acquisition of knowledge, skills & values) Acquire knowledge Do (Applying of knowledge, skills & values) Participate Excel (Transference of knowledge, skills & values) Compete Plan & Organise Possible External Partnership
S1 – S5 Sports Award

– Propose their sporting project

- Research on the game and possible

- Acquire basic game skill

– Attend specialised training on the game

- Participate in external competition

– Plan & organise mini competitions for others

- Share journey and experience

- Guide future Sports Award awardees

– SSC/NSA (Learn-to-Play program)

- Community Club (Competitions)

S1 – S5 Sports Scholarship

– Acquire advance game skills

- Participate in Center of Excellence (COE)

– Participate in National Youth training squad – Represent the National Youth team in competition – NSA

Sports Scholarship

Background Initiated in 2011 under the sponsorship of our School Advisory Committee (SAC), the Sports Scholarship seeks to nurture students with talent in Basketball and Volleyball to excel in their proficiency in these games (i.e. part of JSS’ Sports Excellence Programme). The terms of the award include school fees, uniforms, textbooks and full subsidy for participation in overseas training trips.
Rationale The rationale of Sports Scholarship are twofold,(a) motivate current school players towards excellence, and(b) interest students who are passionate and talented in the two games to join JSS.
Award Process In line with the intention to motivate current school players towards excellence, Sports Scholars were selected from the existing pool of school players based on their high level of play and strong commitment to the school teams. Regarding recruitment, the school actively invites and offer the scholarship to players from primary schools who showed potential in Basketball.