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School Fees

Effective 2017:
School Fee Miscellaneous Fee(Standard + 2nd Tier) Total Payable
Singapore Citizens $5 $10 + $10 $25
Singapore PR $320 $10 + $10 $340
ASEAN students $720 $10 + $10 $740
Non- ASEAN students $1,250 $10 + $10 $1,270

Arrangements made for payment of school fees through GIRO in Primary School will be automatically transferred and continued at the secondary level. No further action is needed.

  • Singapore Citizen Students may apply to use their Edusave Accounts for payment of 2nd tier Miscellaneous Fees.
  • Note: Pupils who have request of withdrawal rejected due to insufficient funds in their Edusave accounts will be required to pay with cash or personal cheque.
  • For Application of Inter-bank Giro Scheme and Edusave Payment of 2nd tier Miscellaneous Fees, please approach the General Office.